Most of my art practice focuses on the relationship between the human body and space. I often use my physical body by emptying myself and placing my physical being in the works to explore the physicality of human beings, especially the simultaneous interactions of diverse body senses by creating external links that will make us explore and expand sensory experiences.  

Through my work, I explore the impacts of biotechnology combined with machine learning, which will make it easier to access people’s private biodata than the people themselves. By applying biohacking with body sensors, such as sweat sensors, blood pressure sensors, and eye-tracking programs, I am researching how much information can be easily obtained from people’s biodata and exploring the boundaries of the privileged access of individuals’ private biodata as it is related to human dignity and sovereignty in our near future. 

I want to intervene as an artist by redirecting the way biodata is being used. Through applying biohacking technology in my art practices, I gather biodata and design wearable devices that can awaken new somatosensory areas. Ultimately, by repurposing the technology from a separate entity to extension of our experiential being, this biomimicry device functions as an extended body part and offers synesthetic experiences in our life that not only takes biodata but utilizes it to create enhanced spheres of human experience.